My House Is Flooded! Should I Call My Insurance Company First?

No. Actually, carriers would prefer you call a water restoration company first to begin water extraction and fix water damage as soon as possible. The faster Aqua Restoration crews arrive, the less damage will occur, decreasing costs and protecting your home from further house flood impacts. You still want to call your carrier to make a claim promptly, but you should not wait for an adjuster to arrive before calling Aqua to get the process started.

How Does The Water Damage Restoration Process Work?

Water repair or water cleanup is a multi-phased process. The first step is to remove all standing water from flooring, wet carpet and other materials. Once the water is removed, dehumidifiers and other specialized equipment are put in place to dry all areas. This can take several days, depending on the amount of water and areas involved. After the process is complete, we use moisture meters and thermal imaging cameras (when appropriate) to assure your home is adequately dry. Fixing water damage often also requires drywall removal, carpet cleaning, wood floor repair, odor control, air duct cleaning and microbial growth removal.

What Certification Does Aqua Restoration Hold For House Flood Water Damage Restoration?

The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) provides a specific set of standards for fixing water damage. Aqua Restoration is IICRC S500 certified by the IICRC body who states water damage repair should only be done by experienced and trained technicians that will promptly and professionally fix water damage from a house flood. We abide by all standards currently set and keep up with any changes in them ongoing.

Can Water Damage Be Hidden? What Are The Signs?

Some signs of hidden water damage include peeling paint and wallpaper, warping of baseboards doors or door jams, window sills, sagging ceilings, visible microbial growth, moisture and condensation, musty odors, and moisture or dampness in your carpet or other flooring.

Is The Water In My House A Health Risk?

Water in your home can be categorized by the following:

  • Category 1 Water.  This is water from your plumbing system such as the sink, water heater, mashing machine, etc.  This water generally is clean and poses little risk if mitigated promptly.
  • Category 2 Water.  This is typically water from your dishwasher or bathtub and can potentially cause adverse health effects.
  • Category 3 Water. This water is to be assumed as highly contaminated and normally comes from the toilet or sewer system. This type of water should be assumed as dangerous to your health and any surface that touches it must be properly cleaned, disinfected and in most cases replaced in whole.

Who Is The Certifying Body For Water Restoration


After My Home Has Been Dried, Can Aqua Restoration Put Everything Back The Way It Was? Or, What If I Only Want A Kitchen Upgrade And Haven't Had A Water Flood Event?

Yes. Aqua Restoration is more than a water extraction and mitigation company. We are able to get your property back to a pre-loss condition as well as do the upgrades you’ve always wanted; kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, new flooring, all the way to a full renovation.  Our experience with both residential and commercial properties lends itself to a lot of experience from single family homes to entire office buildings. This provides great value to you, the customer, having a single point of contact and vendor to handle everything. This saves you time, money and headaches.

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