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When your home has been affected by fire, storm or flood damage, tiles are often a surface that suffers enormously. Even if the actual tiles are still intact, grout can be seriously compromised by water or flames. In most cases tiles can end up discolored and stained giving your home an aesthetic no one wants! Allow us to come in and restore your flooring back to new.



Grout Cleaning Jacksonville

Tile & Grout Cleaning For Jacksonville Homes

Our skilled team can complete all of your tile and grout cleanings quickly and for a competitive price. We understand that following storm, flood or fire damage, homeowners are eager to get their homes back to normal as soon as they can. We have the right skillset to transform your tiles from discolored, smoke-blackened surfaces back to a shining, pristine state. Our professional tile and grout cleaning team pay meticulous attention to every inch of your home, ensuring it is fully cleaned, refurbished and ready for you when you return. Our team is experienced, professional and thorough, Aqua Restoration is the provider of choice for a growing number of customers in and around Jacksonville, FL.


Tile Installation Jacksonville

Tile Installation For Jacksonville Residents

When it comes to tile installation, we can get the job done! Our team has the ability to come up with creative solutions for a wide range of different tiling jobs, as well as implement your ideas exactly as you wish. Competitively priced and determined to do the best job we can, tile installation is just one of the many services we proudly offer.


Aqua Restoration has great customer service, gets the job done quickly, accurately and they're affordable! They have resurfaced several tubs for my projects and they've helped my investor clients get their rentals ready for sale on the market.

Tara Hubbard
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